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Walky Walk'r Dog Lead, Medium
Walky Walk'r Dog Lead, MediumWalky Walk'r Dog Lead, Medium
Walky Walk'r Dog Lead, Medium
Item#: wawaleme

Product Description
The wacky walk'r product provides both form and function, allowing optimal freedom of movement for you and your dog. With it's stretchability, you will no longer feel the hit in your shoulder if your dog lunges forward. Another benefit of this stretching style lead is that the automatic retracting properties of the natural rubber pulls back on your pet with little or no input from you.

- Center is reinforced with a nylon safety line, guarding against tearing and breakage

- Will only extend to twice its relaxed length, offering complete control

- Continuously corrects your pet

- Natural properties of the rubber allows for easy cleaning, and discourages chewing.

- 100% natural rubber measures 3 feet and stretches to 6 ft

- Black/Yellow Marbleized and Black/Red Marbleized available for a limited time only

Size: Medium: 13 - 24 lbs


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